Connect with 1000+ sellers and buyers globally and grow your business at SHEconomy.


1. What is SHECONOMY

SHECONOMY is the world’s first free business web hosting platform for women worldwide. Women from across the world can now open and host their own webstores / websites and get their own unique web address / domain name under SHECONOMY platform. And, it’s absolutely free! Women from all over the world can now come together and excel in E-Commerce & Business Networking and sell Goods & Services directly to buyers across the globe. Buyers ‘buy & pay direct’ to businesses hosted on SHECONOMY – no intermediaries, no commissions, no fees, whatsoever! SHECONOMY is driven by the VISION of “Everywoman a Businesswoman,” with a MISSION to empower and enable women entrepreneurs to “Sell, Scale, Succeed, Serve, Sustain.” SHECONOMY is a visionary venture to empower women entrepreneurs to succeed by becoming financially independent, fulfilling their dreams, creating value and innovation, supporting their families, and building more inclusive, equitable and sustainable societies worldwide. Powered by the non-profit networks of ALL Ladies League (ALL) and Women Economic Forum (WEF) and Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI), we are simply translating our Powerful Global Network of women into a Purposeful Global Marketplace.

2. Who can buy on SHECONOMY?

Users / buyers on SHECONOMY: ALL are welcome and encouraged to source directly from women worldwide on SHECONOMY platform.

3. Buying on SHECONOMY: How much does it cost & How-It-Works?

Cost: Using SHECONOMY & buying on SHECONOMY is a free service. No fees or commissions are charged or collected by SHECONOMY. Buyers ‘buy & pay direct’ to businesses hosted on SHECONOMY. Sale amounts are not collected or received by SHECONOMY in any way. Communicate direct. Buy direct. Pay direct. Enjoy lowest prices by sourcing direct! How-It-Works: Browse products on SHECONOMY platform or by visiting individual seller stores on SHECONOMY. Use ‘Add to Cart’ and ‘Buy Now’ buttons next to products to buy & pay sellers directly using a seller’s payment gateway / method. These buttons are only visible if a seller has enabled online payments in their website hosted on SHECONOMY. All sellers may not have enabled online payments. If ‘Add to Cart’ and ‘Buy Now’ buttons are not visible next to products, a message to contact seller directly will show. It will give links to a seller’s webstore on SHECONOMY. You can visit their webstore and contact Seller directly using information in Contact Us tab of their webstore on SHECONOMY. Or you can send a message through the contact seller message box appearing next to product listing. From thereon, you can communicate directly and buy directly as agreed between you and respective sellers. We encourage all buyers to communicate freely with sellers on SHECONOMY before making purchases. Payment, shipping, returns, refunds are all unique to each seller as each seller may offer different payment, shipping, returns and refunds policy. You are encouraged to read individual seller policies listed on their webstore on SHECONOMY, communicate freely with sellers to clarify questions and buy. SHECONOMY is only a business web hosting service for women entrepreneurs worldwide to set up their webstore and reach out globally to grow their business. SHECONOMY does not participate or mediate in any way in the direct business transactions / purchases between buyers and sellers on SHECONOMY whether such direct business transactions / purchases are made on the SHECONOMY platform or outside of it.

4. Who can host website / webstore on SHECONOMY?

Sellers on SHECONOMY should be: WOMEN: who can be individuals, sole proprietors, free lancers, consultants, registered business, company, authorised reseller, partnership, trading company, NGO etc. The business itself need not be 100% women owned but must be led by a woman and she must be a stakeholder. The company or partnership can have male directors or partners as well. Women entrepreneurs are encouraged to set up trading companies with a view to engage with and source / purchase from informal businesses run by women in villages and small cities who may not have access to digital skills and infrastructure.

5. Selling on SHECONOMY: How much does it cost & How-It-Works?

Sellers on SHECONOMY should be: Cost: It’s free. Yes, no charges to upload and host your website / webstore. No commissions on sales, no fees, whatsoever. You host / upload your website directly and you receive funds directly from your buyers using your own payment gateway / payment method. Sale amounts are not received by or routed through SHECONOMY at any point. Just sell, ship, and refund (if needed) directly & responsibly! How-It-Works: On SHECONOMY we put YOU (the Seller) in charge. You are given:A digital dashboard to set up your own website / webstore where you can:o Get your own domain name on SHECONOMY (like: Upload your story / about us / contact us and share content with community.o Upload your products / services (pictures, details, prices)o Upload your own promotional banners / flyers on your SHECONOMY websiteo Give payment details directly to buyers on your website to receive funds directly in your own bank account. You may choose to link your own payment gateway (e.g. Paypal) and receive funds directly through it. Your payment gateway will charge a nominal fee and remit the balance to your bank account. SHECONOMY does not charge / receive any commission for your sales generated through the platform and it does not receive or collect any sales amounts on your behalf.o Once you make a sale, you ship directly to the buyer.o You/seller is responsible for fulfillment of sales, delivery, any returns and local tax and legal compliances related to sales made on platform.o Start succeeding! Reach out to our massive global community of 200,000+ women going to a million, grow your network, engage your audiences, market and promote your own website on SHECONOMY and sell globally!o Tools to brand your business include promotions from SHECONOMY on its own website, social media banners that you can use for announcements in your other social networks, postings and publishing of your articles and content with our community, and engaging with global community members for constant learning, innovation, upskilling, mentoring and networking.o The more you use and market your own store on SHECONOMY platform, the more you brand your business and make it visible and known to greater audiences and business ecosystems worldwide charged with a spirit of support and sisterhood.Ecosystems that you can be part of by joining SHECONOMY:Reach out to our massive global community of 250,000+ women and supporters from 120+ countries through:o Free Membership of ALL Ladies League (ALL): The global network of (ALL) is a multinational movement of “Sisters Beyond Borders,” fostering a worldwide web of women beyond borders, boundaries and bias. It operates via a network of ALL chapters worldwide that are circles of self-help, support and sisterhood. All women can Tap into the Tribe and Vibe! www.aall.ino Invitation to Women Economic Forum (WEF) : Women Economic Forum (WEF) curates conversations, connections, community and collaborations toward our greater influence and impact through our global editions and events that create empowering spaces for women to rejoin and rejoice in peer exchange and networking for our exchange and “Business Beyond Borders.” Get Speaking Opportunities at WEF events worldwide and enlist for WEF Awards and global recognitions for greater visibility and personal branding! Access to WICCI: Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (WICCI), the very first independent National Business Chamber for Women in India with global presence in 100 countries that aims to bring about fundamental changes in government policies, laws and incentives with a view to robustly encourage and empower women in business, industry and commerce across all sectors and fields. Send your recommendations for changes in socio-economic policies and frameworks in various sectors that the diverse councils can take up with respective governments toward impact for All!